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Weight: 350

Category: Latex Finger Cot


Safe Me Finger Cot Latex Orange (Texture)

Finger gloves is the same with finger cot. This Safe Me finger cot is made by natural latex. This finger cot also anti-static and suitable for:
- Protect Your Finger (finger wound condition)
- Tatoo/Painting (relate with ink)
- Gaming
- Kitchen Activity/Culinary
- Gardening/Farming
- Industrial/Manufacture
- Jewelry
- Counting Money
- Hotel
- Household
- Floor Cleaning
- Toilet Cleaning
- Automotive
- Printing
- Marine and Fishery
- Food Processing
- and many more

- Texture (On the top of finger cot)
- Water Resistant
- Thick
- Flexible with Your Finger Size
- Chemical and Powder Free
- Elastic
- Perfect fits on your finger

Available Size:
- One Size perfect fits on your finger

1 pack = 30pcs

Safe Me Assets
Safe Me Assets

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Safe Me Assets

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